Like the internet needs another Molly.

A primer on introductory French language recordings

Michel Thomas:

Features a person of totally ambiguous gender with an apparent learning disability. If you are concerned that you might be a bit slow, this La Cage aux Folles motherfucker will make you feel like a polyglot genius.  Listen to hir mangle simple conjugations!  “Aaah, I get confused!”

Coffee Talk podcasts:

Dazzle your wee auricles with a Scot(?) and an Australian weaving back and forth between semi-passable Gallic accents and how you imagine commenters on Daily Mail articles sound.  “Coleen McLoughlin looks good in a bikini and is learning French!  She listens to tapes in the tanning bed.


Holy Christ on a stick, daterapists. 

Bonjour, mademoiselle.  Est-ce que vous voulez quelque chose a manger maintenant? 

Non maintenant.  Je voudrais quelque chose a boire.

Ouais, mademoiselle.  Chez moi?

  1. jackrusher said: When Leitha played me some of her Pimsleur lessons, they did seem a bit… forward.
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